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1.Please avoid direct sunlight, otherwise there will be a slight fading.
2.Please keep the doll away from the dust to avoid cleaning issues.
3.Do not soak the doll into the water for a long time. It is safe by wiping or bathing.
4.The doll’s skin is easily stained.Do not wear dark colors or easily faded clothing,or leave the dolls on artificial leather or dyed leather seats for a long time.
5.The doll can not be in high or low temperature environment for a long time. The best storage environment temperature is between 5 to 35 degrees. It can be heated by covering a heated blanket, but please do not overheat. For fear of the melting of TPE material.
6.Do not squeeze the doll when store it. Or long term pressure will cause deformation. Do not place heavy things on the doll. To avoid long-term partial pressure on the doll or strangle it.
7.The doll material is flammable, please stay away from the fire.


1.The doll is made by imported TPE material which contains silicone oil,so it is normal that the skin surface come out a little oil.In order to keep the doll working well and clean, we advise that do maintenance once a month.  
2.Wiping the skin with a towel of warm order. If the skin surface has dirt, please wipe it by olive oil or color removing cream.Do not use corrosive cleaners, including strong acids,alkaline solutions,disinfectants and detergents etc.
3.To protect the skin,please use the baby powder or talcum powder while it is dry.


1.Head: can rise up and down, turn left and right,the action angle must ≤30°.
2.Arm: the upper limbs can be raised ≤60°towards chest, and it can be slightly bent towards back ≤20°, raise the upper limbs ≤60°to two sides horizontally to the chest level, the arms can be single turn 90°in one direction. 
3.Waist: can be bent back and forth, stand upright position, sitting position, both alright .
4. Legs: The thighs can be separated <170°. One-leg frogs can be raised to 100°. The knees can be bent to 90