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Dear Customer,

you must be confused by the problems of how to deal with the unnecessary or damaged sex dolls. Here we have three ways to help you how to solve this issues:

Throw it in the dustbin or lie hidden in the earth?

Oh,No! No! No,it will be terrible or horrible way of coping with it,not only scared the cleaners but also polluted the environment. We may teach you how to disposal the sex doll .1st,Prepare an knife or scissor and put the unnecessary dolls on the proper places such as the ground or the table . 2nd, use the scissor along with the edge line to cut or split the body into several parts. 3rd, Take out the skeleton from the body which is put in other position. 4th, Disposal the parts into the smalls till they are not recognized . 5th, finally, get some disposable bags to pack the small parts and then throw them into the recycled Garbage via two or more times.

Decorate this lovely doll as an Model or Bride?

Yes, that’s an great ideas to make this love doll become more and more worth in your daily life.You can choose the brightness garments to wear on the doll when it wont be used. Of course they will be your life companion which is always accompany with you.

Give this cute dolls to your best or sincere friend?

Wow, that’s sounds pretty good to both of you guys. As a saying friendship is invaluable in our life . Give this love doll to your close friend not only enhance the friendship between yours but also make your friend feel more happy and not alone.

Anyway, TPE material Love doll is an environmental protection without pollution which is no smell ,no-tonic and recycled. Some times these materials can be used in the fields of erasers.