Abby    By day, She is a playwright and activist. Her creative heart radiates an endl..

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  Andromache was always a big girl and got teased as she grew up. She did everything she could ..

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Antonia  Why be “normal”? Antonia likes the night and she loves old fashioned things like ..

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 Never one to be interested in the comings and goings of those around her, Anna always found he..

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Araminta    How would you like to make snow angels with this hottie? Whether it’s tra..

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 Born to wealthy aristocrats, a simple and safe life was mapped out for her. You’d think she’d ..

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Astrid  has an oriental and seductive sexual look about her.  She has been with us fr..

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AUDIE is the result of the highest perfection and passion. In many intensive working steps a compani..

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Audrey This special woman is like a Goddess. She is strong and confident outside but keeps hers..

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    Our "love-dolls" are certainly more than the name implies. The lovely faces and life-l..

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     We could tell you about her amazing eyes or how her pouting mouth is hungry for ..

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     I bet you have never seen such a gorgeous sex doll. Have you? Well, we’re here f..

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    How lucky can you be? A young woman with amazing H-Cup boobs,a soft round ass, and a p..

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Becky We could tell you about her amazing eyes or how her pouting mouth is hungry for your cock..

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    This super-hot 19-year-old doll has a secret; she loves to watch porn. In fact, she lo..

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    A beautiful young love doll lying on your bed willing to do whatever it takes to pleas..

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  This amazingly hot young sex doll has it all. Perfectly toned muscles, strong, flexible limbs..

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   There’s nothing that Beverly likes more than working up a sweat. But it doesn’t always ..

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