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Antonia  Why be “normal”? Antonia likes the night and she loves old fashioned things like discos. She’s not one for going out drinking or clubbing, no that takes to much effort and attention. Talking to all those people, I don’t think so. Luckily she’s found a little roller disco at the local fairground where she works. Some of her friends occasionally show up there but what she loves to do most is just switch off her mind and get lost in the music and the rhythmical, cyclical movements around the arena. Only thing really missing is someone to come home to. Not to talk, just to hold and understand. Until that time though, she knows how to take care of herself

Antonia  ´s version on the pictures seen:

Body measurements:

    Height: 165cm/5'5"

    Bust: 90cm


    Hips: 86cm

    Weight: 38kg/84lbs

Clothing sizes:

   Bra size: D

   Shoe size: 35

Love holes:

  Mouth depth: 12 cm

  Vagina: permanently installed

  Vagina depth: 18 cm

  Vagina diameter: 3 cm

  Anal depth: 18 cm

  Anal diameter: 3 cm

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 1: Please allow up to have 1 cm to 2 cm errors in measurement.

 2: Skin color with a tiny difference which may not be influenced the overall sights when in photograph .

 3: We will dispatch an standard shipment if you do not need an customized doll.


It takes us about 1-3 days to prepare your doll and then a further 5-7 working days to ship by FedEx,7-10 working days  to ship by UPS

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